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Questions To Ask Your Photographer & Videographer

In this blog, we are focusing on questions to ask your Photographer & Videographer. If you have booked your event at Bella Vita Ranch, you may already have these questions answered for you. One of the most important questions you need to ask is if your photographer and/or videographer are carrying general liability insurance? These questions are encouraged to be asked via Lovegevity University.

Photographer & Videographer

  • Do they carry general liability insurance?

  • Have they worked a specific facility before? (Important for lighting and set-up locations)

  • Do they bring assistants?

  • How many cameras do they use?

  • What is the turnaround time for finished photos & videos?

  • Do they do their own editing?

  • Do they travel? If so, what is their fee?

I found this on the web and I thought this would be a neat read for many! Keep these things in mind while choosing a photographer. They are there to capture YOUR day.

"Five Photography Facts to Consider" By Rick Rasmussen

  • An individual photographer's personal vision or artistry is the single most important thing a bride should consider in selecting a wedding photographer. Photography is all about creativity. Go to the photographer's studio and study his/her work carefully. Does the photographer treat his/her images as art or just simply photographs? Is the photographer's work artistic or average? Is their work something you'll want to be looking at in ten years time (i.e. is it timeless)?

  • Technical skills of the photographer. Can the photographer shoot both film and digital? Does the photographer use creative lighting and posing techniques? Does the photographer have a varied background in photography, or are they weddings specialists? Having a varied background gives photographers many useful skills to keep their vision fresh.

  • Personality of the photographer. A bride will spend far more time with the photographer than any of the other vendors. Time will be spent planning and shooting a variety of photos six, eight, or ten hours during the wedding day. Additional hours after the wedding will be spent looking at proofs and working on the album. Compatibility between the photographer and the bridal couple is necessary to seal the photographer's reputation.

  • People skills. Can the photographer calm the bride or groom when nerves are frayed. Can he/she work with all kinds of people? Can he/she get people organized into the right group photos without sounding like a sergeant major?

  • Pricing. Pricing alone should not be judged. It must go hand-in-hand with quality. While it is necessary to try and stay within the budget, in the end it will be the quality of the wedding photos the couple will remember, not the price.

Stay tuned for more blogs over the next couple weeks as we continue our segment of questions to ask your most common vendors!

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