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Don't Forget The Flowers!

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. One area that has a lot of focus is your floral arrangements. They are the brides staple as she's walking down the isle to the centerpieces on each table for decorations! This blog gives some recommendations on where you should have flowers for your wedding! Your florist should also help in making these decisions too.

Wedding Party/Family Pieces

  • Bridal Bouquets

  • Bridal Headpiece

  • Bridesmaids' Bouquets

  • Maid of Honor Bouquets

  • Flower Girl Headpiece

  • Flower Girl Petals

  • Petal Basket Decorations

  • Groom Boutonnière

  • Groomsmen Boutonnières

  • Best Man Boutonnière

  • Mother of the Bride Corsage

  • Mother of the Groom Corsage

  • Father of the Groom Boutonnière

  • Father of the Bride Boutonnière

  • Grandparents' Arrangements

Wedding Venue/Ceremony Pieces

  • Alter, Archway, Chuppa or Other Centerpiece

  • Chairs Decorations

  • Pew Decorations (at a church)

  • Isle decorations

  • Candles

Wedding Reception Pieces

  • Venue Entrance

  • Table Centerpieces

  • Catering Table

  • Beverage Table

  • Bar

  • Catering Trays

  • Cake/Cupcake Table

  • Dessert Bar/Candy Bar

  • Cake Decorations

  • Cake Cutting Silverware

  • Gift Table

  • Guest Sign-In Book Table

  • Favors

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