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Questions To Ask Your Florist

In this blog, we are focusing on questions to ask your Florist. Your floral arrangements are very important. They are anywhere from the brides hand to the centerpieces on the tables! This blog is designed to help you choose the best florist for you! These questions are encouraged to be asked via Lovegevity University.


  • Where do they get their flowers?

  • Do they have an itemized costing sheet?

  • Do they do their own designing?

  • Do they have client references?

  • Do they deliver and how far do they travel?

  • Will they set up the event or do they send assistants?

  • How many weddings can they handle per day?

  • Have they decorated a specific facility before?

Stay tuned for more blogs over the next couple weeks as we continue our segment of questions to ask your most common vendors!

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