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Questions To Ask Your DJ

In this blog, we are focusing on questions to ask your DJ/Live Band. If you have booked your event at Bella Vita Ranch, you may already have these questions answered for you. One of the most important questions you need to ask is if your DJ/Live Band is are they carrying general liability insurance? These questions are encouraged to be asked via Lovegevity University.


  • Do they carry general liability insurance?

  • Do they perform regularly at weddings, night clubs, or social events?

  • Can they provide recent references of specific events?

  • What range of music do they play?

  • Do they offer a "Do Not Play List"?

  • Do they vary their range to suit a diverse crowd?

  • Do they provide a song list for the bride and groom?

  • Do they have props or special games?

  • Will they be attending your event or will it be another DJ?

  • Do they have any special electrical requirements?

  • Do they have a wireless microphone?

  • How much room and time do they need for set-up?

  • What other entertainment or entertainment design services do they offer?

Stay tuned for more blogs over the next couple weeks as we continue our segment of questions to ask your most common vendors!

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