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History Behind The Wedding Veil

You have seen Hollywood movies of brides in long, beautiful veils. You have also seen photos of your great, great grandma wearing a veil during her wedding. So, what is the significance behind a veil? Spoiler alert, it is not just a fashion statement. Depending on who you ask, the history varies. This tradition stems all the way back to history in ancient Rome. The Romans believed that the veil symbolized protections. By wearing a veil, it would keep the evil spirits away from the bride. It was believed that on the day of the wedding, the bride would be vulnerable to the influence of the evil spirits.

There is also talk that you may keep the veil and put it over your bed as a form of protection from evil spirits for your husband and you. When you have a baby, it can be used in the nursery to warn the evil spirits away.

Regardless, the veil has a historical significance. You can decide if it’s for you. Follow the link below to find out which veil is the best for you!

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