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“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue”

Have you ever heard the term “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” and wondered what it means? Typically someone will say somewhere during your wedding planning process. This names the four good-luck objects (plus a sixpence to bring prosperity) a bride could include somewhere in her wedding outfit or carry with her on her wedding day.

Here is a breakdown of what it means:

“Something Old”- Continuity

  • This was a way to warn off the Evil Eye and protect future children. The “Evil Eye” was thought to cause infertility for the bride. In today’s date, this would mean wearing something that is sentimental like jewelry or or an item belonging to an older relative. Most times, the parents will give the bride a family heirloom before the ceremony.

“Something New” - Optimism and Hope

  • This offers Optimism for the future. The couple is about to embark on a new chapter in their life as one, together. This something new could be literally anything “new.”

“Something Borrowed”- Happiness shared from another happily married couple

  • This is thought to bring the couple good luck. The old- fashioned superstition was thought for the bride to borrow the undergarments of a female, friend, or relative that has a happy marriage and healthy kids (superstition about fertility again). Today, it is more about sentimental value- like your mothers diamond necklace- for a touch of good luck as you exchange vows.

"Something Blue"- Fidelity, Love, Purity, and Fertility

  • This would refer to wearing or carrying something blue. This was also meant to deflect the Evil Eye. The color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity. These are the three key qualities in having a solid marriage. Traditionally, this referred to the bride wearing a blue gartr beneath the bride’s white dress. Now, you do not have to wear something blue to get rid of the wicked spirits. You can literally incorporate anything blue into your wedding and it’ll “warn off” the evil spirits ;)

"Lucky Sixpence for Her Shoe"Ensures a life fortune

  • It was believed that if the bride put a silver coin in her left shoe on the day of her wedding, this was thought to warn off evil spirits. Furthermore, this was also thought to symbolize wealth, prosperity and luck for the couple. In 1967, the sixpence was no longer made so brides started using any type of coin. Over the years, many brides have started using pennies instead.

Bride's customs are often passed down from generation to generation. If your family does not have traditions, no biggie, start a tradition of your own to carry on the legacy! For more blogs, check back with us periodically!

Thanks for reading!

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