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Questions to Ask Your Caterer

In this blog, we are focusing on questions to ask your caterer. If you have booked your event at Bella Vita Ranch, you may already have these questions answered for you. One of the most important questions you need to ask is if your caterer is are they carrying general liability insurance? These questions are encouraged to be asked via Lovegevity University.


  • Do they carry general liability insurance?

  • Can they provide a reference list of recent events?

  • How and when are ingredients obtained? Are they fresh or frozen?

  • Do they order from a third party food vendor? If so, which one?

  • Ask if they are a preferred vendor for any local facilities. Which ones?

  • Have they worked the site you have reserved?

  • Is their food fully cooked once they arrive on site?

  • Do they supply food service staff?

  • What is their specialty cuisine or signature dish?

  • Can they provide a copy of their menus?

  • Do they offer a variety of cuisines?

  • Are they able to cater for different ethnic, vegan, or medical requirements?

  • Do they offer tasting? Is there a charge?

  • Do they offer menus that fit different sized budgets?

  • How many staff do they provide?

  • What is their attire?

  • Do they provide bartenders?

  • Do they provide service supply rentals? (Dishes, china, flatware, linens, etc.)

  • Can they perform food station, buffet, and sit down catering?

  • Is there a set-up or clearing charge?

  • What are the time frames?

Stay tuned for more blogs over the next couple weeks as we continue our segment of questions to ask your most common vendors!

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