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Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

I am sure your bridal shower was just as beautiful as you! It is time for you to send your Thank You cards for your bridal shower. You should send your Thank You cards for your bridal shower no later than 2 weeks after your shower. If you happen to send them out later, no biggie. Chances are once your recipient gets it, they will be thankful they got a Thank You card! It may seem like a lot to do especially since you are planning a wedding, BUT, for all the guests who showered you at your wedding, they will be thankful that you thought of them. Remember, it’s a note, not a letter. By using a handful of short, well-crafted lines, you’ll be done with your notes in no time! Here are some examples from on how to write your Thank You card.

Line 1- Thank Them for Their Presence

  • Thank you so much for celebrating with me at my bridal shower!

  • I’m so grateful that you could be there to join me on this special day.

Line 2- Thank Them for The Gift (If Applicable)

  • Thank you so much for the beautiful set of cheese knives.

  • We so appreciate our new set of wine glasses.

Line 3- Share What You Love About The Gift

  • They’ve been such a great addition to our weekly cheese and charcuterie date night.

  • We think about you every Saturday when we pour ourselves a glass of wine and work on planning our upcoming wedding.

Line 4- Show Your Appreciation for Them as a Person

  • Your friendship means so much to us. Thanks again for your support as we journey into married life together.

  • It was so fun to see you at the shower. We can’t wait to continue the celebration with you at our wedding.

Line 5- Sign Off

  • With love, Finny & Spencer

  • Cheers, Lynne & Toby

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for our next blog about writing Thank You cards to your wedding guest gift givers!

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